Growing Up Blind

in a rare LCA world

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It’s a rainy Sunday and Eme has been cleaning her room. Yes, blind kids can clean. Yes, you should be teaching your blind kids to clean their room & do chores around the house just like everyone else. We’ll come back to that another day…

Today, I wanted to show you this. 

Pretty isn’t it?! 

If you’re a parent or a teacher, you’re most likely thinking, “…uh, no.” That’s a horrid looking excuse for a folder. Ok. Ok… Then what about this one???

Not much better, huh?! 

To a parent of a blind kid, this tacky looking folder is blissfully beautiful. It’s plastic, so it’s durable. It’s the same size as everyone else’s. It fits in the classroom folder box. It has Eme’s name right on the front – just like everyone else’s. And, most importantly, her name is in Braille and print! 

This folder screams inclusion!!! Just like everyone else in her class. Her teacher & friends can find her folder and read her name AND she can read her name on her folder. 

Granted, a step up for an overachieving teacher would be to make everyone’s folder like this one. Then, everyone could read everyone’s names on all of the folders. 

But today, we are sharing this folder. This act of inclusion. 

Teachers, little things like this ugly little folder matter. They matter A LOT!!! To a third grader that is blind and clearly very different from most, this ugly little folder with its index card and packing tape means they are one of the team. One of the bunch. Baynham’s Bunch.

Hats off to Mrs. Baynham for taking those extra steps to include our #littleblindgirl in a way that mattered to her. In a subtle way that kept her included as part of the class. 

Please pass this post on to your teacher friends. You never know when they might get a low vision or blind student!

Eme is finishing up 4th grade this month. But she has had some of her work from 3rd grade tucked into this folder which she kept in her room…well after 3rd grade was over. Drawings of moon phases, drawings of shapes & stars… “What?!” You say!? How does a little blind girl draw?!? Yes, she draws. ALOT!!! But we’ll  save that for another post… 

I’ve got to get back to going through all the stuff she’s pulling from her room on this rainy SundayFunday! 
Bye for now!😎 Tabby, Eme’s mom